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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tunes for Kids: Carol Johnson

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"If the word “carol” means “to sing joyously...
then CAROL JOHNSON certainly lives up to her name!"

According to her personal website...
Carol Johnson has been an active performer most of her life, playing guitar and singing since childhood with four sisters throughout her native Wisconsin, and earning degree in music from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. Her current passion and focus on uplifting children’s and family music began and blossomed as she raised her own two children.

In addition to nationwide appearances at thousands of schools, libraries, festivals, camps, churches and conferences, she has sung at the Grand Ole Opry, at Wolf Trap International Children’s Festivals, has been featured with the Grand Rapids Symphony, the Meijer Gardens Summer Family Series, and with the St. Cecelia Music Society Youth Choirs. Shortly after the Berlin Wall fell, she was privileged to take her songs and song-leading talents to Russia; more recently she led songs of peace at Corrymeela, a center for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Through a series of songwriting sessions with children in “high risk” neighborhoods in her hometown, she and the children created songs of peace, which became her latest CD, “Circle of Peace”.

During the summer months our local park has a bi-weekly children's concert, Kid Tunes at Noon. It is a great time for the community to come together for music and a picnic. The most recent artist to visit our town was Carol Johnson. This may age me terribly, but since my own mother was a preschool teacher, I have many memories associated with several of the older Carol Johnson songs. In her years as a musician she has continued to write and perform new songs, however at this concert she blended in plenty of my good ole' favorites so I could share them with my own children.

My favorite album as a child was Might As Well Make it Love, which features the song Love Grows.

Love grows, one by one
Two by two and four by four
Love grows 'round like a circle
And comes back knocking at your front door....

The song has familiar hand motions.

My children's favorite album is Circle of Peace.

We all love the song "Bump in the Night" from the Album titled "Isn't It Good to Know."

Sample songs from each of these albums are available by clicking the title link above.


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