ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Back to School Party Wrap Up

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to School Party Wrap Up

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We were so excited by all the activities, projects, and traditions linked up to our Back to School Party! You still have until the end of the month, September 30th to join us, but we wanted to feature some of the readers who have already done so.
Co-founder Katie from A List Maker's Life celebrates School Years Eve by throwing a mini celebration complete with a fun banner and a fun apple treat at breakfast. Many of our kids will wear a brand new outfit as they start a new year. For her daughter's the first day Alison from Make it Work or Do Without made this cute dress and it only took her one day! You'll want to go see how she even made a simple coordinating hair clip. Another common first day tradition is to take a yearly picture, we love how Helping Little Hands had included a special sign in theirs too!
Start of the year on a good foot, by bringing this simple to put together treat to the teacher on the first day of school. Visit She Wears Flowers to download the recipe and apple card to include with it.
Every child needs a bag to take to school to carry their things in. This back pack is made out of a gift bag. What a fun and easy way to get a preschooler excited about school! Visit Little Learners Lounge for the simple how-to.Once you're at school, most kids will not only be learning a lot, they will also eat lunch there too. Roots of Simplicity suggests turning old milk jugs into reusable sandwich containers to cut down on waste. For a fun first day of school activity, we like how Always Something to Learn made school buses. When I used to teach kindergarten, we made buses early in the year and added the kid's pictures one of the windows. It was a cute piece of artwork to add to the kid's memory books and really showed how much growth there was during the year.
After a successful day, the kids at Homespun Kitchen came back to this apple themed snack. Aren't these cupcakes cute?

Don't forget, if you haven't linked up yet you still have time! Join us!


  1. Awww...thanks so much for highlighting my signs. Made my day! There's a lot of other great ideas here too. I just might make those apple cupcakes.

  2. Thank you for featuring my cupcakes, you MADE my day!!!


  3. Hey! I made that dress! Thanks for featuring it. Not bad for a newbie. I am honored to be listed among so many fun ideas!

  4. Thanks for including our little backpack! You really know how to make a girl's day!

  5. Thanks for sharing my apple gift basket idea! I am honored to be featured on your site!