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Friday, April 8, 2011

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Laurie

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Inspiring Jibberjabber
Hi! I'm Laurie and I blog over at Inspiring Jibberjabber. I am a Christian, work at home, homeschool mom of two, and I'm still learning how to make it all work! I started my blog to help record our homeschool adventures, and never intended to make it public. Well, things have certainly changed since then! I have become addicted to blogging, and can't seem to stop!
This is my little 4th grader doing an experiment about chemical bonds! We finished Biology at Christmas, and he asked to do Chemistry: my biggest fear! So we're chugging through Chemistry! He loves it. We do about two experiments or activities a week. We are also doing the Mystery of History this year...and love it! These are some of the activities we have done lately. The top picture is our history timeline, which we do weekly. We also did this exciting unit on Gladys Aylward.
And then's theres my two year old...need I say more? Believe it or not...she can count to ten and identify most of her colors. Why? Because she has her own space at our desk, and sits there doing stuff most of the day! Check out my weekly post about Toddlers! She is learning so fast!

My little ones love art...and we do a variety of projects each week. Many of them come from our art curriculum. These are some of my favs. He drew these by hand and then colored them.
So, PLEASE stop by my blog and take a look. It's a work in progress...just like our life in Christ, our homeschool, and most other aspects of our lives. I would love it if you would leave me a comment or follow my blog! See ya soon!
Inspiring Jibberjabber

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  1. Wow, you are a super-momma! What fabulous home school projects- I am very impressed:)