ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Play To Learn ~ Rush Hour

Monday, May 9, 2011

Play To Learn ~ Rush Hour

Welcome to this week’s Play To Learn series! Today we’re playing with the fun and educational: Rush Hour Jr. By ThinkFun


I know it sounds funny, but I never really understood how to play this game until recently!


It’s actually quite simple (or difficult depending on the game setup.)  The goal is to get the Ice Cream truck (The white one on the left) out through the opening on the right. This game comes with cards showing how to set up various levels of difficulty. We started out with the easiest ones and moved on to harder ones.


It’s great for building logical thinking skills, and plus its super fun! The kids love this new addition to their workboxes.


I just read Loving Living Math by Cindy West and LOVE the concept! I’m like most people and having a hard time letting go of my daily math book, so I’ve just added in some fun games for now, and Rush Hour Jr. is definitely on our list for “Fun Boxes

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