ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Bilingual Wednesdays- Count your sheep-Part 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bilingual Wednesdays- Count your sheep-Part 2

This is the last part of Count your sheep Bilingual post. 

To review  the numbers with my  niece, I made some sheep from felt in black and white. I added a piece of Velcro at the back and  let her count the sheep using my felt apron.

We sang this song in English and Spanish

10 little sheep
tune: 10 little indians

One, two, three little sheep
four, five, six little sheep
seven, eight, nine little sheep
ten little sheep!

Una, dos, tres ovejitas
cuatro, cinco, seis ovejitas
siete, ocho, nueve ovejitas,
diez ovejitas hay!

This time I wanted her to identify numerals and quantities so I made these posters to count sheep while reading in Spanish.

After that, we played using the Spanish Builder -Cuenta tus ovejas /Count your sheep filefolder game. It was a bit difficult for her at the beginning because she had to identify numerals and number words but she did a good job!

To assembly the game you need a filefolder, glue and contact paper or laminator. 
You will find mats, cards, labels and pockets for storage. 
Invite children to match numerals and number words while counting.

You can read Count your sheep part 1 here 


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome lesson plan. I'm going to go back and check part one. I've been talking to my children in Spanish but it's time to bring in some text in Spanish as well.

  2. We're working on Spanish too and I'm so grateful for your thoughts--thanks!!!

  3. I am looking forward to more posts on bilingualism. I have come across so few blogs of people raising multilingual children. My 7 year old is fluent in English, Hungarian and Finnish.She stared learning Spanish in school last year but moved school to a school that teaches German, I would like to try to keep up with Spanish though since we have quite a lot of Spanish speaking friends and are contemplating moving to spain in the future.