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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classroom Management Strategies

During the summer months it is typical for teachers to re-evaluate their classroom set up, curriculum, and even management strategies. I am always looking for tried and try suggestions from other professionals to make the classroom run more smoothly!  Here are a few ideas from fellow readers, parents, and teachers.

Teacher Blog Spot has put together a thought provoking list of 33 classroom procedures to consider before the school year begins.
Caroline from Learning Parade offers a free download for a document she uses to manage noise levels within the classroom.  It is a traffic light system, sometimes known as a "chatter tracker."

Learning Parade also shares Good Listening Mini Posters. They are a fantastic visual aid to display, reminding children what good listening looks like.

Tammy at Makin Magick has several posts about setting up, and teaching students, the rules and procedures her classroom.  You will want to scroll down and check out all of her clever suggestions.

Nurturing the Tender Years has created some effective character development lessons for her children.

First Grade A La Carte gives us her lesson in Classroom Management 101.

First Grade School Box suggests a unique way of getting student attention.  What do you think?

First Grader At Last has designed a catalog of Best BeeHaviors.

While you are thinking about setting up your classroom for a new year, you may be interested in searching out some online teacher discounts to help you.


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