ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Bilingual Wednesdays- Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bilingual Wednesdays- Pumpkins

October is the ideal month to learn about pumpkins, orange, scarecrows and crows either in English and Spanish.

My goals for this lesson:
To introduce and practice numbers 1 to 4 in Spanish
To relate numbers in their oral and written form

I introduced numbers 1 to 4 in Spanish while counting pumpkins and enjoy this funny poem in the flannel board.
4 calabazas divertidas
4 calabazas divertidas
crecieron en la granja
el granjero vino y tomó 1
entonces quedaron 3.

More verses:
 3 calabazas divertidas
2 calabazas divertidas
1 calabaza divertida

After counting our pumpkins using the flannel board set, we counted plastic pumpkins using counting mats.

I also made these pumpkins mats to use them as big counters. 

Then I invited children make funny pumpkins using their favourite art supplies.


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