ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Play to Learn: B. Toys {Pop Arty}

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Play to Learn: B. Toys {Pop Arty}

Our youngest son participates in weekly physical therapy lessons in our home.  His therapist and I are always on the look out for new materials to give him many options for being engaged, for using different muscle groups, and for stimulating new learning.  It takes a special toy to draw him in and keep him actively involved while the physical work gets tricky.  Several of our family favorites happen to be B. Toys: Meowsic,  Bazillion Buckets, Whacky Ball, and more! 

B. Toys are often recognized for their unexpected colors, their Earth conscious (and pre-gift wrapped) packaging, and their commitment to inspiring individuality in children.

 The Disney 2010 Family Fun Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Award Winner, Pop Arty, is intended for children ages 4-10 but quickly draws the attention of all six in our family!  Since we have enjoyed it so much I thought it would B. Fun to share with you a few of the ways we sneak learning into our Pop Arty play sessions!

 B. Precise
Use the beads to put together chains of several different lengths.  Organize them by size.  Measure them with a ruler or a non-standard measurement tool to master the concept of measurement.
Sort the large pile of Pop Arty beads into all kinds of groups. Record observations.  Practice bar graphing to show how many beads are in each group.
 B. Inventive
Our children love to use their imaginations to create with Pop Arty.  In the picture above our daughter has put together a Pop Arty family.  Use your own imagination, and a few beads, to create an incentive for your child.  Perhaps add a bead to the bracelet for each random act of kindness shown by your child during a day, for every center activity they complete, for each chore completed with a positive attitude, etc.
 B. Perceptive
 B. Serious
Popping these together is pretty effective practice for these pretty little fingers.
 B. Creative
Design and assemble jewelry of all types, colors, and sizes.  After my daughter makes a pile of unique jewelry designs we play store and she sells them to me for her set prices and we talk about paying and making change.

The Play to Learn opportunities with this toy are seemingly endless, 
as they are with many of the other toys from B. Toys. 
Disclosure:  Thank you to B.Toys for sending Pop Arty, at our request, for the purpose of putting together this post to share our families authentic experiences with their quality toys.  Please note that the age appropriate level for this particular toy as stated by B. Toys is ages 4-10. I wanted to make this clear as some of the activities I have mentioned here may seem to suggest they are appropriate for younger children.


  1. We love, love, love our pop beads from this company. We have had ours for a few years now and they get so much use and are a creative way to learn and have fun! A great toy.... a go to for birthday presents too! :)

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