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Friday, January 6, 2012

Math Center Activities for Early Elementary Age Students

Plugging away at some of my New Year goals, I have been busy organizing submitted ideas back into the folders where they belong in my email account.  It is enjoyable because I have run across many interesting tips and ideas from our dear readers.  So, today's list of math center suggestions comes to you courtesy of an organized "Math Submissions" folder!
A Crafty Escape turned basic math concepts into a playful learning experience by setting up a grocery store game.

Keri, from the Home Teacher, created Number-a-Day pages for her daughter and was so kind to share the free printables with us as well.
Keri also put together a Mission Addition math adventure activity aimed at familiarizing young children with the basic concepts of addition.
Teaching Two used pattern blocks to put together an engaging math center.
Making Merry Memories talked about patterns while making a special felt quilt square.

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