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Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Amused with the Packaging

Every holiday that involves packages, ribbons, and bows elicits a comment from one of the bystanders about how the littlest children are always more amused by the packaging than the toy inside.  This year was no exception for our family, with a 15 month old we found that the crinkly paper noises and the shiny bows were certainly highlights.  It got me thinking, how might I entertain the rest of my crew with leftover packaging.  
1.  Ribbons
We cut ribbons into various lengths and added them to an independent work box for the kids to measure and order by size.
2. Wire Twist Ties
This year I saved these from all of the crazy, parent-proof, toy packaging.  In today's quiet time box my 5 year old found a pile of twist ties that she creatively used to make 3D sculptures and bent into letters to make simple words.
3. Wrapping Paper
After smoothing out a very large piece of used gift wrap, my oldest two children spent some of their afternoon drawing a backdrop for the nativity play they acted out for us.
4. Boxes
The many shapes and sizes of boxes made for a great day of imaginative play as they turned in to rockets, trains, race cars, and pillow pet habitats.
5. Bows
Leftover bows are an attractive manipulative for counting and sorting - or in our case for selling in a play store.
6. Wrapping Paper Tubes
Although this isn't a mom endorsed idea, we have seen many tube swords yielded in our house lately in an effort to save their fair Rapunzel!
7. Greeting Cards
We dug into last year's cards to find a few that would make fun puzzles.  The kids took turns cutting them in to pieces and trading with each other to try to put them back together.
I am sure there are MANY other creative suggestions for giving new life to the leftover holiday packaging.  Do you have any ideas to share?

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