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Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature Yourself Friday: Shannon

I was an 8th Grade American History teacher and now I am a homeschooling mom of 5, ages 9 and under. I love finding activities that appeal to kinestic (“wiggly”) learners, storybooks that teach something in an engaging manner ("living books"), and anything that is both edible and educational. I am a Christian and teach using a Biblical worldview.

I love using a unit study approach to learning that allows for all my children to study the same subject at the same time. We've created so many fun memories together learning this way, and I love helping other families learn to teach this way as well. That's why I began posting what we do each week.

 Some topics and favorite activities we have done include:

-Earth Science: making edible models of the Earth's layers, baking cookies that demonstrate how various types of rocks form, creating fossil casts, building marshmallow structures that can withstand a jell-o earthquake, and more!

 -Medieval Period: baking medieval meals, creating a medieval village, holding a jousting tournament, hosting a medieval feast, and more!

 -Human Body: creating edible DNA models, making models of the insides of bones, dissecting deer organs (optional), creating a working model of the respiratory system, playing immune system freeze tag, and more!

 -American War for Independence: making tricorn hats and mob caps, "brewing" root beer with Samuel Adams, holding a tea party as we study the Boston Tea Party, reenacting the Battles of Lexington and Concord, making ink and quill pens in order to sign the Declaration of Independence, baking hasty pudding, performing soldier drills with "Baron von Steuben," and more!

 Over the past 3 years I’ve posted over 20 FREE unit studies compromised of more than 100 lessons! This is over 3 years worth of science and social studies lessons! In each lesson you can see the dramatizations, art projects, cooking, singing, science experiments, and/or lapbook ideas that we did. Also included are our favorite "living books" (picture books) that compliment each lesson.

 To find these fun lessons or to contact me, go to


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