ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Procedure Cards for Independent and Group Work

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Procedure Cards for Independent and Group Work

As teachers and parents we know children are most successful when they have clear expectations.  It builds student confidence when the definitions of a quality final product, as well as the expected steps toward completing an activity, are well defined.  In an effort to help build self efficacy, I created a set of procedure cards to guide my students during independent and group work.   

The cards include visual and written prompts as reminders of the instructions given, such as: 

Use Your Book,
Write on Paper
Think About It
Focus on Key Ideas,
Quiet as a Mouse,
One Foot Voices 
Use Crayon
Marker is Okay
Take Your Time,
As Fast As You Can

After giving verbal directions for the task at hand, the procedure cards corresponding to the activity are placed on the white board (attached by magnet strips).  A quick glance at the board will remind the visual learners that "no crayons this time," since the verbal instruction probably went in one ear and out the other. ;)

What prompts might you add to this list?  Do you use a similar management system in your classroom for independent work time?  How does your system work for your students?

If you would like to give these procedure cards a try in your classroom, they are available HERE as FREE photo file downloads.  Print them in whatever size you might like using the drop down menu on the Action tab. 


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